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Linden grid account alexaccatta Port of origin van Buren Orbiting Station, Io territory
Family name Accatta Personal name Alex
Place of birth van Buren Orbiting Station, Io territory, Jupiter Date of birth 1989-04-09
Education and work history EMPLOYMENT HISTORY
2011: Fast-stream graduate reporter, Olympia Herald.
2013: Assistant researcher, Hellas Planitia Enquirer.
2014: Freelance journalist.

2001-2005: van Buren Young Citizen's Institute of Vocational Engineering. Exit grade: Competent--
2007-2010: BA in History of Art, Olympus Mons Institute of Higher Learning. Final Grade: Not given.
Genetic modifications None. Synthetic modifications [Crossed out]None. [In its place]Remains of botched subdermal neon tattoo. Reason for immigrating Seeking to find a home closer to NS headquarters. Biography IMMIGRATION CONTROL'S COMMENTARY
There are some disturbing holes in the work history that Accatta provides that immigration considered worthy of further investigation.

From preliminary research and a verbal interview, we conclude that:

1. Accatta's education is exactly as patchy as it appears. He has made most of his life decisions based on what would take the least amount of effort. His time at Olympus Mons was largely wasted, hence his lack of a final grade.

2. His post at the Olympia Herald was obtained as a favour from a friend, and although Accatta seems to have discovered an unexpected talent for demagoguery, his unwise choice of political targets quickly cost him his job.

3. The Hellas Planitia, a third-rate rag, seem to have acquired him with the intention of turning his focus towards the sort of muck-raking they specialise in. Accatta wasn't able to bring up the goods, and quit on his own terms.

4. What Accatta refers to as being a 'freelance journalist' would be more accurately described as surviving on handouts from the few loyal readers of a fringe blog. He has supplemented this with an income as a long-distance courier, and has proven -- despite expectations -- to be sufficiently reliable for Nanite Systems to retain his services on drops to and from Eisa.

The decision to allow a journalist -- even one as discredited as Accatta -- onto Eisa would be questionable given the occasionally sensitive work performed here, but we understand that he has somehow been convinced by Eisa's Dr. Santei to sign a nondisclosure agreement with Nanite Systems. We can only assume that Accatta has not read the finer details of this contract.
last updated: 2016-01-21 16:31:50
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