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Linden grid account vixus.snowpaw Port of origin Fluffy
Family name Snowpaw Personal name Vixus
Affiliated organization Yutani Springs, Yief
Place of birth Planetary federation of Yief, Fluffy. Date of birth 1989-05-22
Education and work history Education:
UCS Prometheus colony vessel - University degree in robotics.
UCS Prometheus colony vessel - Basic Training

Work history:

UCS Prometheus colony vessel - Head of Engineering
UCS Prometheus colony vessel - R&D Robotics Management
President of the "Fluffy" colony.
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications D.R.I.A.S Sentinel endoskeleton support framework, VZION ocular implant, Yutani Springs XSU. Reason for immigrating Dual citizenship, interplanetary diplomacy. Biography Vixus was born in 1989 on board the Prometheus, one of many ships in the UCS fleet inhabited by many different species and sentient machines. She was born along with one other sibling.
During her younger years it became apparent that Vixus wasn't like any of the other females in the colony. Her behaviour was rebellious, and she did not conform much to her own peers.

During a scheduled full scale military training, the fleet was left without much defense while in orbit of a lush planet in a "goldilocks zone", one with breathable atmosphere, vegetation and a high concentration of water in just the right vicinity of a large main sequence star.

During this training, the fleet was attacked by, as of today, an unknown faction. Even though most of their technology was vastly inferior, they made up for it by sheer strength in numbers.

All fighting age men, women and even the occasional teenager on board of the ship were  sent out in whatever vessels were available. Some managed to deorbit and ended up on the planet, some never standing any chance and meeting their demise amidst the chaos of the battle.

Vixus was one of those lucky few that managed to slip through the net, although not unscathed. Piloting a small hauling vessel designed for ship maintenance and therefore being a lower priority target, the attackers did not go after her until chewing up any battle capable ships. She managed to survive, although her ship and most of her body was destroyed by projectiles and the effects of atmospheric entry, the small vessel crashing in a peninsula of the planet that would later be dubbed 'Fluffy'.

It took days for her crippled body to be found by a surviving sentinel which had managed to lock on to the ship's emergency transponder, and luckily for her, this sentinel managed to safely make it to the planet in a larger ship containing trading resources. Particularly decommissioned Nanite Systems goods. Only through these resources did she manage to survive, parts of her skeleton temporarily rebuilt from the wreckage of her own ship until new prosthetics could be manufactured, everything managed by an, at the time barely functional hobbyist piece of tech; the Yutani Springs XSU.

Years passed, and as the survivors built their primitive camps, which turned into towns, which turned into cities as everybody worked in unison to establish a planetary government, A people inspired by the stories of the past, living by the scientific method and soon thriving on the planet, Vixus eventually grew to become the leader of the surviving faction, now known as YIEF. A faction that until this very day maintains the same moral code and prime directive as the UCS, to explore and colonize, to establish strong, fruitful relationships with other factions.

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