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Linden grid account tez.yohkoh Port of origin Sydney, Earth
Family name Yohkoh Personal name Tez
Affiliated organization Underground
Place of birth Sydney, Australia, Earth Date of birth 1990-04-04
Education and work history 5 years of computer sciences and hacking experience post college education. Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Gynoid Chassis Reason for immigrating Fugitive from Earth working for F8 Chemicals Biography Tez is an experimental AI  copy of the human Tez's consciousness who  was killed whilst hacking a corporate mainframe owned by a parent company of F8 Chemicals. They also killed her parents at the  same time they destroyed the family home to kill her.
She escaped and downloaded herself into a Gynoid, stole it and is now impersonating a cyborg working in marketing for F8 Chemicals trying to find proof of their crime.
last updated: 2015-08-06 21:35:40
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