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Linden grid account jessyka.richard Port of origin KSC, FL, USA - Earth
Family name Pixel Personal name Jessica Middle name(s) J3-551Ca
Affiliated organization NS TechGuru Level 1
Place of birth Beaufort, SC, USA - Earth Date of birth 198x-xx-xx
Education and work history College educated
Programmer in father's Internet security company until the summer of 2010
Moved to Eisa on a work sponsorship...

12/2017 - NS Technical Support
Genetic modifications no genetic modifications Synthetic modifications ~30 ports (with cables) through skull connect to organic electrostatic mesh surrounding brain, hardware containing neck and spine allows changing of chassis, body is 100% synthetic and contains organic matter processing so eating is possible, low capacity nano clothing system for storing and changing outfits, and a thing that makes DANK WEED from like, dirt or something man... Reason for immigrating job sponsorship making promises of a 'Better Today', didn't read the fine print... Biography Currently camping out behind the remains of the Bushnell Building, attempting to rebuild lost research.
Previously: Heyoka Inn, Room 204


A human on Earth wanting something
more than the regular 9 to 5.
A very impassioned person talks about the
'Better Today' on Eisa
at a job fair and hands out mountains of paperwork.
A free flight next week and immediate job placement on arrival because
they need tech support professionals like us
and the trip
wouldn't be FTL.

I got in line that morning with several other people.
More people than I was expecting, but I went with it.
We went one at a time into decontamination. It happens sometimes if some of the stalls are broken and I actually prefer it.
I stepped out of the government issued light blue jumpsuit I put on that morning and walked down the bright, damp hallway while untying my hair from a high ponytail. On non-FTL flights, it's recommended to shampoo and braid long hair and some de-con facilities have machines to do the braiding for you, but I've never taken a flight that pricey.
I still thought the hall seemed fairly quiet for the number of people being processed, but I shrugged it off as I scanned in my government issued glasses and dropped them in the chute.
At the end of the de-con process I grabbed another blue jumpsuit, a new pair of glasses, a bottle of water, and the regularly provided sleeping pills.
Finishing my water and padding down the walkway in my bare feet, I can't help but feel a little bummed this flight is going to take so long, but my hair is going to be so much longer when I get there. I wonder how people style their hair in Eisa...

Last I remember, a pain in the back of my head puts me on my knees. Then face first on the floor...


Head, neck, and spine separated from body (incinerated).
Brain used to mine cryptocurrency from xx-xx-2010 until xx-xx-2016.
Provided with standard chassis and choice of control units after being decommissioned from mining.
LARA chassis, DAX/2m controller (998-59-2719) identified as J3-551Ca because it's cute

4/12/19 - change of address
1/9/18 - additional information
last updated: 2019-04-12 15:34:25
Jessica Pixel
posted 5 years ago
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