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Linden grid account talashhakai
Family name Hakai Personal name Talash Middle name(s) Ri'l
Affiliated organization Alliance Medical Corps
Place of birth New Zelenograd, Mars Date of birth 1993/07/16
Education and work history Education:
Skyline High - Graduated 2012

Initil Military Academy 2012-2016

Medical Corps 2012 - 2016

Work: Medical Corps 2016  - Present Day
Genetic modifications Total Body Mod - Fox Synthetic modifications Right Eye - Bioscanner/Replacement ; Right Arm - Prostetic/Replacement, Synthetic skin and fur Reason for immigrating Transfer - On loan from Medical Corps for Milita Biography [Accessing personnel file 9048-CX]
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User ID : 1148798
Password : ***********

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Subject: Talash (Tal) Ri'l Hakai
Age : 24
Sex: Male
Blood type : AB-
Weapons Training: Pistols, SMGS
Vehicle Training: Hoverbike,
Specialized training: Medical.

Bio: Born to [Redacted] and [Redacted] , Talash was a child that his parents wanted to grow up special. When they found out that they were going to have him, his parents gave the embryo that would be him the TBM so they could have something unique. This is has put a strain on Talash growing up, being outcasted by many. Because of this, he seeks the companionship of gynoids or robots. His relationship with his parents is strained too, since he feels like  more of a pet than a child. His scholastic aptitude is extremely high, his transcripts showing a 3.81 GPA when graduating high school. His time at Initil shows more of who he is. Picking up the medical courses with fervor, Talash showed extreme aptitude to the Medical Corp.  However, during 2014, he went out on a "internship", attached to a unit that was out raiding a pirate base. ****Restricted Access****  The truth is that he was sent out to fight against an uprising on the planet of Tirini, where the populous was fighting for better rights and better care from the governor who enlisted the help of the military. He and his unit were deployed to suppress the planet's population. Due to this, his unit had a mishap with the population, causing a slaughter. A plasma pack in his weapon belt went off from a round, causing it to over load and melting his right arm and right eye. The military blames the slaughter on pirates as the official story, however this has caused Talash to lose faith in his superiors. In order to obtain his silence, the brass gave him cybernetics to be able to work again. However, Talash is still traumatized by what happened and does experience flashbacks, sometimes going into a violent fit. *End Restricted Access* He graduated from Initil with full honors and went into service after he graduated with the rank of 1st Lieutenant, and now awaits transport to Eisa.
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