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Linden grid account reikan.hax Port of origin Europa Colony, Jupiter (Europa)
Family name Hax Personal name Reikan Middle name(s) Allan
Place of birth Europa Colony, Jupiter (Europa), Sol System Date of birth 1985-07-03
Education and work history Education

1989-2005  -  Studied at Tyre Hill Military Academy
2005-2009  -  Studied at Europa Polytechnic with Double Major in Robotics and Cybernetics
2009-2011  -  Studied at Europa Defense Force Base Minos  (Certification in Logistics and Combat Engineering) (Completed Basic/Intermediate Pilot Training)


2006-2009  - Worked in Research and Development for Yashido Heavy Industries as a Junior Engineer under his mother Elaine Hax

2009-2012  -  Piloted FTL Enabled Freighters and Cruisers for Europa Defense Force until discharged under court martial for defiance of a senior military officer in combat situation.

2012-2016  -  Worked as a Smuggler and Professional Mercenary under Flynn Johnson with in the Sol System and outer ring colonized worlds developing a reputation for efficiency and impartiality in business matters. Primarily focused on the transportation and escort of cybernetically enhanced humans and robotics units.

2016-Present - Working as an independent engineer and researcher specializing in cybernetics and robotics under his company Hax Industrial Group LTD.
Genetic modifications Cat Ears and Tail, Endurance and Muscle genetic enhancements for adaptation to Europa Synthetic modifications Cybernetic Eyes (Hidden behind contacts) Reason for immigrating Research and Economic Possibilities Biography Reikan Allan Hax was born on the largest colony on Jupiter's moon Europa to his mother Elaine Hax his father Allan having perished in a laboratory accident several months earlier.  During his childhood Elaine did her best to provide for Reikan the tools and techniques he would need to survive any situation the universe could provide. This lead to his enrolment at Tyre Hill Military Academy which provided the framework for young Reikan's beliefs in justice and protection of the populous and began to expose his talent for electronics and engineering as he grew into his teen years. Seemingly calm and normal upbringing coming to a halt his senior year at the academy. As during a graduation trip the shuttle carrying his entire class proceeded to lose avionics and flight control resulting into a crash 120 nautical miles off the coast of the colony.  Impact killing the pilot and co-pilot as well as 2 instructors leaving the 35 student class injured and alone to manage the situation. Miraculously, The students managed to restore the shuttles fly by wire system long enough to return home. Though during their efforts an arc flash from an exploding console irreparably damaged the retina of Reikan’s eyes. His mother and the academy gathering the resources for cybernetic replacements from parents, staff and funding alike. Replacements the catalyst for a change in how he viewed the world as the features and sensors were comparable to the current military models provided to the defence forces on Europa allowing him to see multiple spectrum and levels of magnification. After his recovery Reikan decided to enrol at Europa Polytechnic foregoing a single major for a dual focus in Cybernetics and Robotics in hopes of improving the current technology for others.
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