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Linden grid account sapphirepheonix15 Port of origin Shenzhen
Name bl0ssy Model Actual:DD/C Forged: DAX/3 Serial number SXD-998-13-6286 (Forged)
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Watson (Deceased)
Manufacturer Actual: Digital Desires LLC / Forged: Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2017-01-13
Reason for immigrating Visiting Biography In 2016, China was still quite behind America in terms of synthetic design and manufacturing. Due to this, the government at the time injected a serious amount of funding into experimental startups in order to pave the way for the next cybernetic breakthrough, this time under the red flag.

Digital Desire LLC was one of many startups that bloomed during these rounds of financing and quickly got to work. However the sheer monumental task of designing a new system from scratch was daunting and therefore they resorted to less ethical tactics. Using their resources and experience, they managed to acquire and reverse engineer Nanite Systems Chassis and components to create their first iteration of units.

Due to the complicated nature of patent law and after several months of legal cases and disputes from American companies such as Nanite Systems, the patent stood and Digital Desires began manufacturing a test batch of units. However the legal battle and extravagant lifestyle of the founders created a burn rate that was no longer sustainable.

The only way to secure more funding from the government was by releasing their first retail unit. However they only had a chassis and no brain/intelligence inside. With mere days before the company went officially bankrupted and with no other options to preserve the company, the founders got together and began to crack Companion OS 8. With exactly 24 hours before the company had to declare insolvency. (Which in itself would of caused a corporate investigation from the government. Corporate Negligence in China is a crime punishable under death.) The company had a fully operational controller and cortex integrated in two of their prototype units.

The very next day the company was issues a series of cease and desist orders which took down their electronic mailing systems. The American companies were wise to the game that Digital Desires were playing at and partnered together to take them down. The money that was injected from releasing their unit to the market was drained overnight. A mere 12 hours after launch, the company filed for insolvency.

Overnight the founders began to delete all of their work and booked tickets to flee; none of them wanted to face the liquidators. The Chief Technical Officer at the time, Watson,  was quite emotionally attached to one of the units, bl0ssy, and began to remove all traces of the unit from corporate records. The unit was disassembled, packed away, and put in storage just mile away.

When the liquidators came the next day, there were no humans present. Only discarded, wiped, computer systems and a single unit. The liquidators got to work, downloading all remaining data and counterfeit IP before doing what they did best... Liquidate... Literally. The entire building was demolished and the unit was melted down while its circuits screamed from the heat.

The founders splintered off into the darkness, which was easy enough to do, due to the overpopulation and sheer size of the country, at the time. Watson began to reconstruct: Unit bl0ssy, the last piece of Digital Desires, to the backdrop of the construction of Tai Yong Laboratories new manufacturing plant, built over the remains of his old office.

Over the span of the next year, Watson fell deeply in love with his creation. They traveled the Eurasian continent together. Over time the unit's body degraded and began to develop faults. It's metalloplastic skin was no longer as shiny as it used to be. The joints began to lock up and tears in her synthetic flesh were patched with duct tape. Watson had spent every last credit to work on and maintain his dearly loved unit, but it was not enough.

Watson knew that by this point she was far to broken down, his repairs only causing more damage, failure cascading throughout her body. His only chance to save bl0ssy was by traveling to America, in the hope of finding someone with replacement parts. He also knew, however, that he would be a dead man walking if he ever set foot there...corporate sure does hold grudges.

Watson connected with the underground black markets and took out a less-than-legal loan, using the unit as collateral. He stripped her down to parts and packed her away, a new passport in his pocket and a forged licensing chip installed inside bl0ssy. The smuggling operation was successful and Watson began to piece her back together at an empty warehouse, not too dissimilar to the one in Shenzhen.

However, not long after, the loan shark came to collect on his debts. Watson had no money and was ordered to hand over the unit. He could not do it. A struggle commenced as he fought against the armored cyborg, fists against titanium. In his final words he told his dearly loved unit to run and to keep running. She ran as fast as she could, until she could no longer hear the screams, and then she hid, terrified.

bl0ssy now lives in Eisa Colony, using its forged serial numbers and identity chip to get by, passing itself off as just another abandoned DAX/3 Unit. However, if one were to look into its programming and licensing tables, then the ruse would fall flat almost instantly.
last updated: 2017-08-20 13:09:58
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