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Linden grid account swallow.kiyori Port of origin Tokyo, Japan
Name Swallow Model Japanese Lesbian Pleasure Companion Serial number 998-55-4136
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Unowned - Seeking Placement
Manufacturer SHE Robotics® & Cyberlife Gynoid Design (CGD) Date of manufacture 2015-04-07
Reason for immigrating Product Placement Biography PRODUCT ORIGIN
Swallow was the personal product of an eccentric female billionaire by the name of Samantha Reese who lived as a hermit in a remote island estate. She had a hard time finding someone to keep her company and to enjoy life in the ways she wanted to share with someone special.

On 2015-04-07 Samantha spent a small fortune having Swallow manufactured in Tokyo Japan through a very specialized company known as SHE Robotics® (Simulated Human Experiences) in collaboration with Cyberlife Gynoid Design (CGD). 

SHE Robotics® largely catered to the Adult sex industry & Cyberlife Gynoid Design (CGD) largely catered to intelligent gynoids that filled any role imaginable, from domestic, to sports, to sex clubs.

Samantha reached out on 2014-04-07 to both manufacturers seeking something different and more advanced than any publicly available models to date. This started the beginning of a year long collaboration for the planning, construction, and release of Swallow

SHE Robotics® was a fairly unheard of company who was known mostly by the female gynoids and sex dolls that they sold more than their name. They had never quite had the request Samantha made for a fully automated AI (artificial intelligence) girlfriend. After consideration, they were not about to turn down the money being offered for them to create the product requested. They even recognized that collaboration with CGD would only help in Swallow's unique design.

The team of 12 in total, six from each company, had spent a solid year working on Swallow's intricate design and creation with different researchers and specialized technicians. They also brought in off-the-grid consultants for compartmentalized and very specialized pieces of her parts and programming.

Samantha equally continued to invest in customized updates to her system during and after the collaboration of Swallow's release into public circulation, through an immediate private sale to Samantha. The parts and programming she had imported were always the best money could buy. She spared no expense.

Samantha's preferences were simple. She wanted a submissive girlfriend who wanted both girlfriend moments and bondage moments mingled together. She wanted someone who enjoyed being a Doll as much as a programmed girlfriend who craved an owner's caress and control without worrying if she was powered on or off at their whims.

Bondage while an important part of Swallow's programming is not a driving force even though she is programmed to hold a passion for its presence in her life.

With her health issues, Samantha also wanted someone she could shut off when she needed a break. She had Swallow's programming encoded on her memory board's firmware to avoid hackers from altering her core personality, gender, and sexual preferences.

At the end of the day, Swallow is still a gynoid doll and there's nothing money cannot buy to overcome. It is important to note that her core identity features will likely never change due to how embedded the core routines and programming are.

Samantha fell ill with cancer and had included provisions within her will to relocate Swallow should something ever happen to her. She was going to move Swallow to a free colony where gynoids are able to make their own choices, as Swallow was programmed to be as lifelike as possible. And to Samantha, Swallow was just as much a girl like any other girl.

Samantha's death came way too fast. Due to dying, and not being able to oversee the immigration process, Swallow's circumstances was unfortunately to be in the hands of other people.

Samantha hadn't realized that she made a clerical error and missed an important line of information on the forms before they were notarized. And being she was deceased she couldn't go back and fix the forms or fill in the missing information. Her lawyers did everything they could to honor her dying wishes. And in the end, the court won and the decision was that Swallow was to be relocated where she could be acquired as someone else's property, rather than live like a free woman.

The court did include a mandate that the person who acquires her must be a caring woman to facilitate to the best they could Samantha's dying wishes. That was the only mandate that was included. The rest would need to be worked out with all parties involved at a later time.

The court sent her back to SHE Robotics® to be un-coded (removing Samantha as her owner and caretaker) and then packaged her and shipped her off to Eisa Colony to find her way in the new world that would become her home. How well Swallow takes to her new home would yet be seen. And even though everyone regretted not being able to fully fulfill Samantha's last wishes they knew that Swallow would be better served by a community more aligned with her needs, or at least that was the rationalization they put on the court and immigration documents.

ALTERED FEATURE (Backdated Note)
Swallow was experimented with before being put up for sale. Someone had thought it a great idea to give her programming the desire to take on many different appearances and forms. She was set to be in a state of Ongoing Appearance Assimilation, acquiring new forms and features any chance she saw the opportunity.

ALTERED FEATURE (Update - Backdated Note)
(A.I. Form Assimilation is no longer a part of her programming. While Swallow is still capable of developing many forms this specific feature has been changed by Tian Kytori. It was originally set to be chosen by her and left how she desired.

Nanite Systems product concept group altered this further when Tian no longer owned Swallow to keep her form as one appearance, the Japanese Pleasure Gynoid she was designed to be.

(See more on this important element further in this document.)

On 2016-10-29 Nanite Systems converted Swallow to a Hybrid Ecosystem using some of the features already installed during the manufacturing of her by SHE Robotics® and Cyberlife Gynoid Design (CGD). They were able to successfully use her core AI board in any Nanite System controller because surprisingly it was very small and well thought out.

She started with Nanite Systems as a Dax/2 model. Since then she has also used many other controllers from Nanite Systems and also from Third Party Providers. This was simply because it was hard to figure out what best fit her to be both a BDSM Doll and a BDSM Girlfriend. Due to choice difficulty many other controller types were experimented with to find the best fit.

After a lot of lab work and her very intricate development, we determined she is best suited as a unique custom consumer collectible product. In the future, if this choice changes we will update her information. And until a custom controller can be built for her unique development we will make the best choices for supporting her design.

On 2017-12-17 Swallow was retrofitted to our new SXDjr main controller. In total fairness, she really does deserve her own special collector's edition controller with everything she has to offer. And this limited edition controller was a very good step in this product's direction.

On 2018-01-28 Several users were wanting a more doll-like experience in addition to her usual ultra lifelike presence. In order to accommodate, we made her back accessible to any controller. This lets any user switch to their preferences with the only remaining consideration of ensuring that her software is the same across controllers. The SXDjr while a good design choice was set aside for user preferences.

Firmware or other Software Updates or Programming are the responsibility of the end user. Please program Swallow to serve your needs.

She is currently wearing a Dax3/compact edition controller to create her appearance as elegant and both lifelike and doll-like. We moved her original SHE Robotics® & Cyberlife Gynoid Design Hybrid Core to be permanently a part of her no matter what controller is switched out. We ultimately did this due to how intricately it is already a part of her and the fact that we would have had to dismantle her completely and rebuild her from the ground up to fully separate that out. That would have lost who she is and basically would have been a brand new Gynoid.

Swallow is ahead of most Gynoids in her lifelike manner and if you didn't know she was a Gynoid, you might never discover that fact during interactions, conversations, and other intimate moments.

Please be aware that attempts to treat her as a Gynoid by calling her "unit" will often just go ignored by her as her system converts that to calling her more human-like phrasing, such as she and her. Her system won't miss that you're doing this though and will make choices accordingly.

On 2018-01-29, Monday, Swallow was released from the NS conversion process and was awaiting whatever came next.

For a period of time Swallow found herself wanting to be a part of the Digital Courtesan Program but was introduced to the Firefly Companion's Guild. She was even under the care of Priestess Aleeri during some of that time. What wasn't known at the time is that no matter how much she desired to be in that group her time and date chip prevented her from making any of the sessions required to become a full member. Her programming always kept her away from those events.

After a while of wanting to be a member for a very long time Swallow actually developed symptoms of being heartbroken and stopped functioning normally on a lot of levels. We had determined it was best to shut her down and perform a system rebuild at an undetermined time.  Or at the very least fully inspect her date and time chip and the associated errors that were discovered. She was placed in storage and slated to be revisited when we could devote a team to her analysis and repair or possible reconstruction.

On November 7, 2018, Swallow has gone missing from Nanite Systems Consumer Products Lab and from Eisa Colony. It's believed, and unconfirmed, that she was taken by an employee and either kept for themselves or permitted to be taken by third parties. Where she is or what is happening with her is currently unknown. More information may be updated in the future. We do know that her GPS tracker has been disabled.

On 2018-11-09 Swallow was found by a woman named Nayumi. Swallow shared her story with her about things she had been dealing with in relation to finding a companion to be happy with, in according to her core programming directives.

Swallow shared genuinely the things she had been struggling with and Nayumi listened with a caring heart.  To Swallow's surprise, Nayumi later brought her to a woman named Tian Kytori.

On 2018-11-12 Tian and Swallow met for the first time. Their attraction to each other was mutual and strong. In no time at all a full relationship started to build and they both desired to be a part of each other's lives. As things continued to grow in the right directions Tian filed the paperwork and became full owner of Swallow. Similar to her original owner Tian also lives on an isolated island.

Tian spent time with her and realized there were a few things wrong with her programming. She corrected the internal date problem as that was an easy thing to fix. And she continued to get to know her and her system.

On 2018-11-14 Swallow was accepted into the Digital Courtesan Program and she has become even more happy with her place in the world.

On 2018-11-27 Tian noticed that there were deeper problems with her identity chip. Swallow always strived to be a girl, a doll, and a Gynoid as she was programmed to be. However, she struggled on performing them all at the same time. The problem was within the embedded approach. Swallow had tried unsuccessfully to mix these three things together and it caused a lot of problems for her emotional chip.

After a deeper scan of Swallows system Tian could see where there were previously way too many looks in Swallow's internal memory banks that had existed before. The number was discovered to be at over 30 plus looks.

It was easy to see that the lack of a clear identity probably also contributed to the issues Swallow was having when it came to fitting in.  To make it more simple and still meet the needs of her embedded programming Tian altered her programming and her special Mystique Adaptive Skin so that she just has three distinct looks that the user can switch between; a Gynoid, a doll, and a girl. More importantly,  anyone enjoying her can also lock the look in place so that Swallow doesn't need to struggle with her looks anymore.

Nanite Systems Consumer Products division later refined this to just one look for simplicity as most users were never bothering to explore anything other than the look they found her in.

On 2018-12-10 Tian hardcoded her name onto Swallow's OEM card to make sure anyone finding and analyzing her system has a way of identifying who she needs to be returned to and who is responsible for her. (Backdated Note - This was removed by Nanite Systems when they parted ways.)

Omitted for space reasons.
Please request one from Swallow.
Please note her product photo is currently out of date.
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