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Linden grid account sashairinasvetlana Port of origin Eisa Welcome Center
Family name Ives Personal name Ivy Middle name(s) Blanchefleur
Affiliated organization Ivory Family
Place of birth Oslo, Norway, Terra Date of birth 1990-07-20
Education and work history - Attended the Norway University of Science and Technology
- Studied Nanotechnology
- Studied Biology
- Studied Biorobotics
- Studied Bionanotechnology

Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Fully Mechanical Reason for immigrating To seek a better and safer place to live. Biography Ivy was born in a family solely of women. Who her Mother was a Roboticist, and her Father was a Nanotechnology Engineer who worked on the construction of nanite tech. When Ivy came across her Father's latest invention that was peaking visibly through the grey locker. So Ivy seeing this decided to pull the cover from the robot, inspect it's exterior. Before doing so, it clicks on. It's motors heating up the gears in the machine. Being so young and so little and unaware of the robot Corius security chip in the robot. Saw Ivy as an enemy to it's creator, her Father when Corius grabbed Ivy by the face, raising her up in the air and blasted her chest with a acid cannon. That had been built in the robot. Causing Ivy to be severely injured through these wounds, leaving her to highly medicated. Her parents getting word of this by the doctor of the Norweigan hospital. Drove her Father to fall into grief from the accident the robot caused which made him stop his invention and shut the robot down into storage. Ivy was suffering from her injuries, and it was becoming excruciatingly too late to mediate her injuries. So her Father convinced the head Doctor to ship her to the university  of Norway of Science and Technology. Proceeding through the mandated procedure of this reconstruction of Ivy with permission of her Mother.  Preserved Ivy back in the body of a synthetic shell while her brain had remained organic, she was a Cyborg. Awakening her eyes Ivy's eyes blinked twice before turning her peripherals to her Mother and Father down upon Ivy which they were happy to see their daughter again. From whom they feared they were going to lose forever. It took Ivy just enough time for her to get used to her new flesh,  and Ivy felt like a new person. A body that no longer had no more issues, a body in which she could be easily be repaired and managed.  Ivy felt happy and she lived on to become a Roboticist like her Mother, following in her footsteps to carry out what her Mother did. Her Father lived on to his 90s before passing away shortly after Ivy reached the age of 22. After Ivy finishing college at the University of Science and Techonology in Norway. In 2015 Ivy,  left home  and move to Eisa Colony  to start as an advocate  of fighting against the injustice of robots and cyborgs.
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