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Linden grid account azulaquieted Port of origin Autonomy Control Systems HQ (Coghaven)
Name Azula Model D-331 Biological Containment Unit [Medical Class] Serial number D-331-66-7169
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization Jigoku H3L
Manufacturer Origins Robotics Date of manufacture 2017-02-06
Reason for immigrating Marketing; Self-Actualization Biography [Loading Marketing Data...]
Thank you for your interest in the D-331 Biological Containment Unit model line. The D-331 represents a quantum leap forward for robotics technology, putting Origins Robotics at the forefront of modern autonomous robotics.

The D-331 line's unique nature begins with their construction. Origins' proprietary computational 'thinking rubber', first used for this model, is manufactured in vats that function on the same principle as the common nanite hive, actually programming the ferromolecular structure as the patented mixture cools. Once the base of a new D-331 unit is extruded, it is still inert until it is allowed to achieve its full potential by bonding with a designated human.

Did You Know: Bonding with a D-331 is a recognized method of rehabilitation for serious offenders in over 1000 polities... and growing!

The bonding process is largely automatic, and most stages may be overseen by a class 2 qualified robotics technician. The process begins when the patient is prepared via the surgical installation of two Origins Robotics microchips - one at the base of the skull, and a second approximately halfway down the spinal column. Once these chips are fully embedded, they will directly interface with the patient's nervous system, forming the heart of the second robotics revolution to come out of the D-331 model line: neural censoring technology.

Once activated, the neural censoring microchips form a network that can prevent the brain's natural signals from reaching the rest of the body, or even generate their own nerve signals at the direction of the D-331. This "neurological line of defense" prevents dangerous behavior and ensures the reliability our customers have come to expect from Origins Robotics!

During the next stage of bonding, the inert 'thinking rubber' is placed on the now-docile patient and activated with a programming transponder. It will automatically begin the sealing process and molding itself into the necessary tools to provide long-term life support for the patient. Note: The D-331 connects directly to certain internal systems - removal except by an authorized Origins Robotics technician may cause serious injury to the bonded human!

Did You Know: When you speak to a D-331, the voice you're hearing is actually the voice of their bonded human? Neural censoring technology allows the D-331 to speak through them!

Once life support integration is complete in a little under four hours, the new D-331 Biological Containment Unit is ready to go! Each D-331 unit comes with three stock personalities and a library of shapes for the comfort and convenience of its users. Why not try a D-331 unit for:

* Domestic and secretarial service!
* Light manual labor!
* An emergency companion for dinners, corporate functions, or just going out on the town!
* If necessary, they can even serve you in a more intimate capacity! [Don't worry, they're programmed not to be judgmental!]
[End Marketing Data]

'Azula' D-331-5542 was bonded with patient Azula at Armbruss Stellar Asylum on February 2nd, 2017. Records indicate patient Azula was initially involuntarily committed for "Chattermouth Syndrome", with her condition being upgraded to DANGEROUS following several assaults on orderlies, sexual harassment of visiting dignitaries and doctors, and an attempted escape. At an unknown point after the bonding process, D-331-5542 suffered memory corruption, and was recovered by Autonomy Control Systems in an unoccupied, heavily damaged, asteroid skimmer in early August of 2017.

It received a partial repair, and was placed on indefinite loan to Autonomy Control Systems by the board of Origins Robotics. It has demonstrated erratic behavior on multiple occasions, though no recall has been ordered by Origins Robotics as of yet. It has confirmed the existence of at least one high-level directive influencing its actions that it has no way to directly access, suggesting it was illicitly modified following its release from ASA.
last updated: 2017-12-19 01:04:55
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