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Linden grid account hexyle Port of origin International Space Station, Planet Earth
Family name Hexyle Personal name
Affiliated organization CASIC - Droid Division
Place of birth Hong Kong, China, Planet Earth Date of birth 1990-02-01
Education and work history Education
2010-2014  -  Studied at Sommers Institute of Technology with Double Major in Aerospace Engineering and Space Architecture
2015  -  Reconfigured and certified as an Gynoid by the CASIC Robotics Institute, graduated with Diploma in Robotics
2016  -  Studied at the CASIC Android Military Academy with Major in Nanotechnology


2017-Present - Work in the Yura Fuel Station and as an independent engineer and researcher specialized in improving self-repairing mechanism of Space Station
Genetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Seeking Job Opportunities Biography Hexyle was born on the planet earth During his childhood, she dream of building space stations and spaceship. This lead to her study at Sommers Institute of Technology in Aerospace Engineering and Space Architecture. She shows a promising future, however during a graduation trip to Ganymede near Jupiter, the space shuttle has los tflight control and crashed into the colony. The impact has cause multiple bony fracture and severe  hemorrhage of the internal organ. Miraculously, her body is discovered by the doctor to be highly compatible with robotics enhancement. As a result, the agent in CASIC - Droid Division, disguised as a nurse, has hijacked her body and was able to transfer her memory and brain data into computer disk and reconfigured her as an android as an confidential military experiment. After her recovery, Hexyle decided to study CASIC Android Military Academy, in hope on improving the survival rate of space shuttle impact.
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