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Linden grid account lucenebris Port of origin LAX International Airport
Family name Personal name Lucenebris
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth California, United States, Earth Date of birth 1993-05-16
Education and work history Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Science

Mod Development for various anthropomorphic species and humanoid alike

Worked security at various sectors of the grid.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Full synthetic body but with internal organic neutral system and reproductive systems Reason for immigrating Seeking to meet others with an interest in robotics and potential job opportunities Biography A once fully organic human being from Earth that always had a curiosity for space and robotics. Seeking to maximize the utility of one's own body, they sought to have most of their physical body rebuilt into materials that would not easily degrade with time, keeping only the organic parts that are, in essence,  irreplaceable.  Seeking to meet new individuals like herself, she sought to start the registration process at the Eisa Colony.
last updated: 2017-10-13 14:52:56
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