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Linden grid account icikus Port of origin Castoff transit Station
Family name Moo? Personal name Moo Middle name(s) M...
Affiliated organization Na
Place of birth Na Date of birth Na
Education and work history Na Genetic modifications Bovine, rapid milk production Reason for immigrating Forced immigration on board a slave ship. Biography With the introduction of gene modification, new strange and often illegal markets have sprung up. Demand for strange pet, lovers and slaves cause outlaws to snatch up colonists to be gene modded as the rich desire. These markets made a killing, quickly spreading off world.

Moo was one of these victems. Moo had a name, career, life, and possibly family. Heck Moo could have been male before being snatched up and forced bovine treatments. She was held captive and conditioned to behave like cow. Loss of iq, loss of mind, loss of humanity. She did gain, incressed milk production, love of being milked and breeding.

Moo was on board a pirated transport, being shipped off world to be sold, or for entertainment, or maybe just to have her milk sold by her captors. The ship was intercepted by Eisa security forces and captured. The ship's cargo was released and the ship's pirate crew was listed for conversions of the most simple sex bots and labor bots possible.

When the pirate ship was docked and secured in a high security orbital platform, Officials asked the poor cow for a name all it could do was moo. So official records has her Listed as Moo.

It did not take the officials long to see how conditioned this cow girl thing was in front them. She was sent to a rehabilitation center where she slowly relearned and regained her humanity.  Months have passed and she seems to have stopped progressing, least she knows what clothing is, can push buttons when directed and knows to try not to ask random strangers for milkings, or to milk herself in public unless needed. Course she always "Needs" it. She still has the urge to moo every once in a while and will happily give into that urge. She now knows her name "Moo." She  likes clothing with cow like patterns on them. Due to her size and shape clothing is quite the issue, luckily some templets were found and printed into clothing just for her use.  She may walk around without cloths if you let her as she forgets things easily. She has a love for "shinys" keep your robots and drones close as this little cow loves to pounce, lick and nibble on them.

Now that she seems the "Best" she can get Rehab wants to dump her. She has been told repeatedly to get a job and shelter. But she soon forgets. But she is trying real hard to find one...even remembering to look is a huge step forward...
Its noted she seems submissive, most likely due to her conditioning and quite suggestive. She seems a tad lonely and might be in search for a herd? Or any strong commanding individuals.
last updated: 2017-09-15 03:16:07
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