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Linden grid account kiandonoghue Port of origin NS Research & Development Station, Deneb IIa, Deneb (α Cygni)
Family name Donoghue Personal name Kian Middle name(s) Brady
Affiliated organization NS Medical Services
Place of birth Monaghan, Ireland, Earth Date of birth 1998-08-26
Education and work history Education:
    High School: St. Louis Secondary School, Monaghan, Ireland, Earth - Graduated, Valedictorian
    College: University College Dublin -  Graduated with B.S. Biology: Pre-Med
    Graduate School: University College Dublin School of Medicine and Medical Science - Graduated with M.D./Ph.D.
                                            Allergy and Immunology Specialization
    NS Medical Services
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Work Opportunities Biography     Kian was born into a well-to-do family and was the pride of his parents, showing a high level of intelligence and an ability to learn far more quickly than most of his peers. Rushed through schooling, Kian graduated high school as valedictorian at the age of 11 and had already been accepted to University College Dublin pending his diploma being awarded. Jumping straight into pre-med, the young man was optimistic, driven, and capable. After 8 years of grueling classes and residency, he received his M.D./Ph.D with a specialization in Immunology.  Despite his success in academics, Kian has struggled long with social situations. Forceful parents making constant demands in addition to being so much younger than his peers at school has left him shy and timid in dealings with people. Still, Kian is a compassionate and honest person who truly wants to help people. It is this drive that led him to apply with NS Medical Services after hearing of a need for staff in the far-flung Eisa Colony.
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