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Linden grid account kuro.umino Port of origin LAX Spaceport
Family name Kuusisto Personal name Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Middle name(s) Klaara
Affiliated organization Jueno Robotics, Yutani Springs, Nanite Systems
Place of birth Helsinki, Finland Date of birth 1988-02-08
Education and work history Notable Studies:

She got admitted in to Helsinki University of Nanotechnology and Applied Sciences in 2008
She got a PhD. in "Nanotechnology and Conventional Sciences" in  2011
Her Doctor's Thesis was named "Exposing organic life to Grey goo, an indepth study of reversed bio engineering."

Notable Work:
Jueno Robotics (Entry Level Job in robotic engineering) 2011 - 2012
Yutani Springs (Robotics, Android and AI R&D Division) 2012 - 2013
Nanite System, Field Robotics Division 2013 - Present day
Genetic modifications Elven ears, for cosmetic purposes only. Synthetic modifications N/A (It is rumored that she has synthetic stomach due to the amount of coffee she consumes) Reason for immigrating Conduct scientific studies whilst working in NS Procurement and Assembly to convert and or maintain units. Biography As mandated by the Company I am currently working with (Nanite Systems) I'm obligated to write this biography of myself, despite the fact that I could be using my time more effeciently, but oh well here goes.

I was born in 1988 to a small mid-wealth family in Finland. If I'm perfectly honest. My childhood was nothing to write home about. I had spent most of my time frying ants with a lense or spending most of my days locked indoors watching Cartoon Network. I never found pleasure in going outside and just "Playing around with new friends" I had a couple of friends and those friends still contact me... some times... I just figured out that the communication between Mars and Earth is not that great... Maybe I should do something about it.

When I rolled in to grade school I was deeply fascinated about robotics and what could be possible to achieve with them so for one christmas I nagged my pa' that he would get me a gundam for Christmas, but as adults are... he completely forgot about it and bought me "Do it your self robot" After sulking around 4 and half hours I decided to build up said robot and... well it was kinda lack luster. It had a really bad walking cycle making it topple over easily and made horrible noise whilst doing so, then adn there I decided that this was the thing I wanted to do. Not to soudn horrible and walk funny, but to work in the field of Robotics

Skip forward...

You know what...

School is boring so I think High School went ok... I had few phases that is not important to talk about. Oh also I was able to get my ears modified to be, more elf like. Don't asky why or how. It was a phase you know...

Skipping forward. After recieving my PhD. I got a job at the Jueno Robotics as an assistant to a robocist and let me tell you, we didn't get along at all. He was relaxed and showed up late to work and left early due to multiple bad reasons. He got me fired because I wanted to advance his studies in the robotics and AI sections and he seriously didn't like that.

As soon as I got the boot I was picked up by Yutani Springs as a senior developper for AI and general R&D for products. It didn't take long untill I was contacted by Ms. Peluso from the Nanite Systems to come and work in their brand spanking new establishment in Mars called, "Eisa Colony" as a lead in Procurement and Assembly. I even got my own office, which to be honest, was a kind of a deal breaker.

Upon arrival I've have built one unit from scratch installing quite few R&D devices in to her and she seems to be doing her DAX/3 things just fine. I just hope she stops bugging me constantly getting new clothes for her...

That's about it. I just ran out of coffee and my unit isn't here.... So I should stop here as well.


Dr. Hanna-Maria Kuusisto PhD.
Assistant Director, Procurement and Assembly
Nanite Systems., Eisa Colony
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