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Linden grid account blaidd.hotshot Port of origin Earth
Family name Hotshot Personal name Blaidd
Affiliated organization Wolf Bioscapes
Place of birth Bielefeld, Germany, Earth Date of birth 1990-03-31
Education and work history Finished equivalent to US high school.
Was a sanctioned test subject for genetic growth experimentation at Wolf Bioscapes, working with various scientists over the years. 
Genetic modifications Genetic augmentation for muscular growth Synthetic modifications Human Growth Hormones Reason for immigrating Fresh start after conclusion of the studies at Wolf Bioscapes Biography Mostly under wraps to avoid corporate espionage. After the concluded experiemets the company still provides him with a hefty monthly stipend, enough to elevate him financially to the upper society. Part of the deal was, however, that he would settle someplace remote. Eisa, with Nanite System's  vision of modern living, seemed a good place to start.
last updated: 2017-10-03 10:02:48
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