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Linden grid account vint.abrahams Port of origin Mars Colony
Family name Javik Personal name Lukas
Place of birth Mars Colony Date of birth 1986-03-03
Education and work history Daedalia High School

Mare Erythraeum Polytechnik Institute
Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Employment / further education in android repair Biography The youngest son born to a family working an illicit mining colony on Mars, Lukas grew up helping to repair the macines that helped extract ore from the surface.  While not an inventor, he is skilled in using and re-using pre-fabricated parts and making them function with perhaps a few hiccups on the way. (Nothing a good whack with a samophlange wouldn't fix!)   

Life in the rough-and-tumble mining colony was controlled by local gangs and he was forced to join them to survive.  After a corporate take-over of the mining colony the former residents were scattered or jailed.  And after several Lukas sought his fortunes elsewhere.
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