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Linden grid account ryukotonarai Port of origin Quiddity
Family name Sienel Personal name Natelie
Affiliated organization Self Employed Bounty Hunter
Place of birth Dayton, Ohio, United States, Earth Date of birth 1965-01-01
Education and work history Military Education and 30 years in the Federal Democratic First Army Synthetic modifications Full Body encasing with prosthetic arms, legs, and genitalia from both genders, assisted by AI unit. Reason for immigrating Nowhere else to go after leaving the battle front Biography Born Natelie Mascus, her parrents were in the middle of a battle field and after her birth her parents were killed by a bombing raid, she was raised for war at a young age learning to fight and how to comprise battle tactics, at the age of 22 she enlisted into the Federal Democratic First Army where she met her later to be Husband Marcus Sienel, Three years after they met they would Wed and Marcus would be given the Rank of General as a wedding gift, Natelie however turned down the Rank of general and even asked to be de-ranked to Lieutenant so that she could stay with her husband, after 30 years of fighting a war, her company was Bombed leaving her as the only survivor, She was returned to Marcus in a Coma who encased her in a bionic quit equipped with an AI unit that could run the suit while she was in a coma, Marcus died shortly after saving his wife yet she does not shed a tear fore he died for the right cause. Having finally woken up she is now majority in control of the body with the AI as a ghost voice that others can still hear. The AI can take on two forms, CO for Combat Operation thus needing permission to interact, and CS for Civilian Service leaving it open to the public
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