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Linden grid account orderout Port of origin Necronom
Family name Hunter Personal name Leona Middle name(s) Order
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Dawn Colony, United States, Mars Date of birth
Education and work history Work? Please.

Graduated from some Glitter Tech University.
Synthetic modifications Neural-Net, Cybernetic eyes, synthetic body Reason for immigrating Work Biography Born on Earth, raised on Mars. The planet of lights, of glossy technology. In many ways the first true planet to bare a colony. Always on the frontier and one of the stopping points to Earth. In a likewise fashion, Leona enjoyed the high life of glimmertech, holo-parties, and synthetic drugs, toying around with various bits of life and always seeking the next adrenaline rush. Education was a simple means to an end - not a better life, so much as securing a place in her family's will. Yet the unexpected happened - she enjoyed schooling. More importantly, she enjoyed what she learned. Knowledge regarding robotics, programming, an endless string of information. She could create life!

Jumping ahead of herself, she of course took the opportunity to upgrade - in the best way. Instead of ruining her entire body with ill-meaning tattoos, or cybernetics... she did the most logical thing. A neural net. No longer did her body have to feel the effects of late night partying. No longer would she have to be subtle about her wants. No longer would she have to be trapped by mere flesh.

So it should come to no surprise that she got her desire, in the form of a giggly, hair-twisting, gum-chewing voluptuous blonde. She'd not quite expected her actual body to be lifted from her...

Her family doesn't have a clue. And the 'programming' of her current body makes it difficult for her to properly interact in the manner she wishes. No matter, she's heard of a colony, one that has robotics as an expertise... perhaps she can find some assistance there.
last updated: 2018-08-15 08:30:07
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