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Linden grid account kimiko.sandalwood
Family name MacKenna-Nakamura Personal name Naomi
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Dublin, Ireland, Earth Date of birth 1991-11-08
Education and work history Heiress of MacKenna-Nakamura Heavy Industry Ltd. and never employed by anyone else.  Why go to work for the competition when the family will provide ships, crew, and money to do whatever?

She holds dual BS degrees from Oxford University in geology and biochemistry.  She also holds a MS in biophysics from Max Planck Institute for Biophysics in Germany. 

Genetic modifications Ears have been modified to look more elven. Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Eisa was the last port before her ship was impounded, stranded! Biography The single daughter and heiress of MacKenna-Nakamura Heavy Industry Ltd, a minor ship building corporation based on Earth with several small manufacturing facilities scattered through the universe.  She grew up in a heavy business/engineering based family that encouraged her curiosity.  She began to drift toward the non-engineering sciences in school, earning a dual BS in geology and biochemistry from Oxford University.  She later enrolled at The Max Planck Institute for Biophysics in Germany, earning her MS in biophysics.  She became fascinated with the development of life under various conditions, especially on distant alien worlds as a way to figure out how life appeared and evolved on Earth.  After graduating, her family granted her a small ship and a tiny crew to explore with.  The only promise was that she wouldn't be excessive and would return home after five years to take her place in the family business.  She set out to answer questions of origin of life concepts on other planets, planetoids, comets, or whatever else she thought might have clues in trying to detect early molecules and different molecular configurations that could give rise to life.  Of if no current life was found, if there was any evidence for it ever being present.  She had several happy, difficult years of exploring, making minor discoveries, publishing a few papers on curious things that she found.  Four years in, her ship docked at Eisa for supplies and news, only to find that the situation with her family had changed: MacKenna-Nakamura Heavy Industry Ltd was no more.  Her family was implied to be in multiple scandals with various governments and all of their assets were seized. 
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