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Linden grid account stymied.ennui Port of origin Chilioi
Family name Joseinotaka Personal name Ysabol
Place of birth Unknown, born on a ship in Deep Space Date of birth Unknown
Education and work history "Home-schooled" by her parents. No official work history, but worked with her parents on their ship. Skills learned: Deep Space Salvager, Deep Space Explorer, Pilot, Mechanic. New job with Herr Professor Nachtengel (S.A.A. The Search for Alien Artifacts) on Eisa will also teach her Unit Management, Assay, Archaeology and Transport of Rare Goods. Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Offered job by Herr Professor Nachtengel (S.A.A. The Search for Alien Artifacts.) Biography Character Name: Ysabol Joseinotaka
Character Species: Human
Planet of Origin: None (Deep Space; Parent's Ship) Last Planet Visited: Chilioi
Job(s): S.A.A. Search for Alien Artifacts, Captain of The Navarre Deep Space Salvage Ship,Deep Space Salvager, Deep Space Explorer, Pilot, Mechanic, Unit
Ship Name: The Navarre; Deep Space Salvage Ship
Ship's Shuttle Name: The Etienne
Boss: Herr Professor Nachtengel, Self
Unit: mynx7175
Character Background/History:
Ysabol Joseinotaka does not have a planet as a birthplace. She was raised on her parent's ship in deep
space. She is unaware of where her parents were from, as it was never mentioned or spoken about, although
Ysabol thinks they were born on Earth. She HAS been on-surface of Planets, usually when her parents were
selling their salvage or needed supplies.
Ysabol's Mother, Mao Yen Joseinotaka was an Astrophysicist. She was serious, but was a little bit playful.
Her Father, Hideki Joseinotaka, was a Deep Space Salvager, Deep Space Explorer, Biologist, among other
things. He was extremely serious and intense at all times.
Ysabol was "home-schooled" by her parents (no formal schooling, but both her parents had very high
On one of their stops to a small agricultural, mineral-poor planet, named Pneuma, Ysabol stayed aboard
ship while her Father went out to sell their salvage; and her Mother went out to get a small amount of
supplies, and some unspecified "scientific equipment." After three days of her parents not returning to
their ship, Ysabol armed herself with her usual pistol and knives, and ventured outside. One day later she
received the worst news of her life - her parents had been murdered by persons unknown, and had already
been buried!
In great horror and grief, Ysabol fled back to what was now HER ship, and took off planet for destinations
Some time later she came to her senses, and traveled to a planet she had been to before - an extremely
small mining planet named Chilioi. The people there were strong, yet good-hearted in nature, and she felt
like she could trust them.
She then decided to clean the entire ship, hoping for some clues as to why her parents wwre killed.
In the end, she found nothing strange or suspect, except for ONE letter. It was addressed to her parents,
from someone named Herr Professor Nachtengel of moon Eisa.
Her eyes went wide as she read the letter. Apparently,completely unknown to her, her parents were secretly
members of a group that hunted Deep Space for Aliens! Herr Professor had sent a letter saying that he was
head of the S.A.A-The Search for Alien Artifacts, and he wanted to give her parents a "legal job they
could be proud about, a job that would make their daughter proud!"
Ysabol sent a message off to the Professor, and received an answer in a timely fashion. In her beleagered
situation, The Professor would be happy to hire her for a small amount. In return, she would explore
planets for artifacts, and keep all salvage she finds. In addition, he would "loan" her the use of a unit
to help salvage and load and unload  items, as it is not a one person job, and she could not afford to buy
mechanical arms to help with loading.
Maybe her parents had been murdered by one of the Alien Hunter's group?
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