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Linden grid account winter.jorda Port of origin LAX
Family name Jorda Personal name Winter Middle name(s) Erin
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Pomona, USA, Earth. Date of birth 1985-11-22
Education and work history Education
-High school graduate.
-Bachelors degree in music theory.
Work experience
-Performance musician.
-Several years as music tutor.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Artificial arms and eyes. Reason for immigrating Looking for employment. Biography Winter was thought to be a rising star in the music world, signed at a young age to a record company and quickly topping local charts. Unfortunately due to a accident while traveling she lost her arms, and both eyes. With the last of the money she had in savings she purchased cybernetic replacements, but unfortunately the limbs were not as dexterous as her previous biological ones, leaving her unable to play. She gave up her music career, and began trying to make ends meet by filling in what ever staffing positions were available, finding herself filling in as a waitress at the local bars and clubs.
She comes to Eisa in an attempt to leave her old life behind fully, without the constant reminders of her lost fame, ending up at the bottom of the bottle more often than not, or waking from a one night stand.
last updated: 2015-08-09 03:13:51
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