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Linden grid account raz2992 Port of origin Unknown
Family name 646 Personal name Ahrassi Middle name(s) N/A
Affiliated organization Secret Underground Labratory for Genetics and Splicing
Place of birth Unkown Date of birth 1993-07-21
Education and work history 1998/07/21 - Assigned to maintenance unit for training and basic education...
2002/02/17 - Graduated - Assigned to Junior Engineer...
2009/07/21 - Assigned to Breeding Unit...
2010/05/09 - Assigned to Advanced Breeding Unit...
2012/11/23 - Reassigned to Engineering Core...
Genetic modifications Genetically modified with Canidae DNA Synthetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Escapee from Laboratory Biography After replacing Human DNA within an embryo with Canidae DNA, grown within an artificial womb, was one of seventeen surviving specimens out of one-hundred.

At the age of five, each was assigned to various duties to test the experiments in human environments, Ahnatabi was assigned to engineering, where she was trained in maintaining the laboratory and its systems, along with basic education, reading, writing, etc.

At the age of eight she graduated from both training and education, showing to inherit intelligence from both species, along with the behaviour and habits.

At the age of  sixteen she was reassigned to a breeding program for reproduction of the successful experiment, how ever the artificial inseminations failed repeatedly after many months of tests and examinations with both Human and Canidae DNA, the experiment showed no physical nor medical problems.

Eventually she was placed in the hands of more experienced scientists and medical professionals, where she went under a more physical breeding program with both Human and Cand- Error - Data Corrupted -

After years of failure, the experiment was confirmed to be infertile, and was cleared for disposal. However the experiment overheard such conversation, and using her engineering talents, sabotaged the laboratory, creating utter chaos as hundreds of experiments were suddenly loose, where she escaped with other experiments from the lab.

Only having little documentation as proof, there's no other evidence to the lab's existence. It's location now a crater, with reports of a controlled explosion for a waste dumping ground.
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