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Linden grid account chip594csx4 Port of origin Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Earth
Family name Blaque Personal name Claudia
Affiliated organization SkyTech Aerospace Corporation (heiress)
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Earth Date of birth 1990-02-05
Education and work history High School graduate, valedictorian
Georgia Tech graduate, Masters in Aerospace Engineering, valedictorian
Worked various jobs in SkyTech since 13 for allowance
Genetic modifications Major genetic surgeries to cause her body to grow larger and develop massive muscle mass and strength Synthetic modifications Small cybernetic implants along spine to correct for a childhood injury (fall) Reason for immigrating Bored with Earth, wanting to start own life away from father's shadow Biography Claudia is the daughter of Jason and Elizabeth Blaque. Her father is the CEO and founder of SkyTech Aerospace Corporation, a large manufacturer of everything from toy drones to military space ships. Like her father, Claudia was a gifted engineer, and studied aerospace as well. However, she had a small addiction. She loved being muscular, and spends most of her free time bodybuilding. She got so addicted she even had extensive genetic surgery to grow her body massive and powerful. Despite this however, she's still very smart and kind, and enjoys working on challenging engineering problems. Claudia is very kind and cheerful, and doesn't let things like her own size limit what she can do. She's moved to Eisa to strike out on her own, and make her own path away from her famous father's shadow.
last updated: 2017-10-21 14:04:19
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