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Linden grid account camcat98.resident Port of origin Out of area housing sector
Family name Rose Personal name Elise Middle name(s) M
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Tokyo,Japan,Earth Date of birth 1999-01-25
Education and work history She was taught on how to read, write, and sign with her hands as she was born without vocal cords. As well as having been taught how to be a sex doll or a lesbian slave to someone. It was done at a youngish, so it set into her mind pretty deeply, though she's still innocent and naive, never having to be either one of what she was taught yet. Genetic modifications She's more then half feline through forced modifications when she was young. Synthetic modifications Cybernetic with DAX/3 Mini controller, amongst other things. Reason for immigrating Parents were killed in a attack and she was kidnapped then put into where she needed to be to go to Eisa. Biography When Elise was either 4 or 5, her parents were attacked in a raid on her home town, she was sent out to safety just as she saw a massive explosion which threw her against a wall. Before she recovered, she finally realized that her parents weren't with her and were in the blast. Her vision darkens before she slumped down from her injuries. Just before she was woken up, she had felt a buzzing in her head as she woke up to see she was surrounded by masked people. They taught her how to do what she learned and didn't learn, plus extra naughty things, being always naked or partially clothed. Her body was toyed with to make her fully ready for any conversions someone may want to do to her. As well as a genetic change when she was young that she would be more then half feline and it often shown in her, despite her physical state.  Before she could respond, she was knocked unconscious then dropped in a station to be moved into a new city by the name of Eisa and she was only left with a whole lot of money as a fair well to her. Unfortunately  for her, she had to find clothes when she woke up and now wanders the outside city, dazed and confused while in whatever clothes she could find or that she was given while her appearance slowly changed due to being alone.
last updated: 2017-10-28 19:19:25
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