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Linden grid account
Family name Quiet Personal name Racheal
Place of birth Unknown Date of birth
Education and work history -College graduation
-Serve in Army for 4 years
-Work as dancer after honorable discharge.
-Work as security for PMC

Genetic modifications - Synthetic modifications Nanochines(Pain receptor shut down),Military grade Cybernatic arms, Optic enchancements(Telescoptech/left eye) Reason for immigrating Start a new life. Biography Join the army with her brother. Racheal lose her arm and an eye in the 1st year of service due to an attack when on patrol with her brother in the space. She accept and receive augmentation and then transfer to cyborg division after the recovery. And find out that her brother didn't survive the process. She spent 3 years to track and hunt down the pirates that attacked her. Receive honorable discharge for exceed the required standards of duty performance and personal conduct in the progress.

After that, she was invited by her friend to work as a dancer in her club. Earning quite a bit of money but quit after getting too much harassed  by the customers.

Miss her day in the army, she then sigh up for a job in PMC. Work as a security,put her skill into use. Quit her job after her squad was kill while escorting 'something' terrible. She was paid to shut up, but knowing how things usually work. She went off the grid for extra safety.

She come to Eisa. For a fresh start.
last updated: 2015-08-22 03:28:52
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