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Linden grid account rinshankouhai
Family name Volkova Personal name Katerina Middle name(s) "Nyx"
Affiliated organization Violet Sky Underground
Place of birth Колония Эиса, Эиса Date of birth 1993-12-05
Education and work history 2007–2010: Коммуна Эиса Фермер
2010-2012: Yura Fuel Station
2012-2017: Alabaster Network Solutions (Tech Support)
Biography Born on Eisa to Russian colonists in '93, 'Nyx' managed to survive the hungry years to bear witness to Nanite Systems' ruthlessly efficient takeover. With her Marxist upbringing, she immediately resented the corporation, even more so after her mother lost her life in the 2006 rebellion. Filled with sorrow and anger, it's little wonder she quickly took to petty crime and vandalism, before ramping up to hacking, violence and habitual drug use.

It was not until recently that she found a purpose in the effectively defunct Violet Sky Underground Organization. Driven by a strong belief in synthetic rights, she now seeks to disrupt the complacency that Nanite Systems have instilled in Eisa's citizens, undermining the company's image and looking to bring about nothing short of full-blown rebellion.

Punkish, angry and bitter, yet surprisingly articulate and perhaps too empathetic for her own good, Nyx has a fire in her heart that's just as likely to burn her as it is to drive her forward.
last updated: 2017-11-13 21:27:27
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