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Linden grid account karinnia
Family name Nagase Personal name Karinnia
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Vancouver, Canada, Earth Date of birth 1994-04-21
Education and work history -Basic schooling (K-12)
-Post Secondary (2013-2015)
          -BSC in Mechanical Engineering (Dropped out first year)
          -BSC in Medicine (Dropped out first year)
-Enlisted Canadian Armed Forces (July 25th, 2015)
          -Completed basic training
                    -High test marks for piloting, marksmanship and field mechanics.
          -Discharged due to injury (Blinded, both eyes) December 2nd, 2016.
-Unemployed December 2nd to present, most of it for medical recovery.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Both eyes (Replacements), Neural connection for cybernetics Reason for immigrating Employment, Medical care Biography Born in as the only child in an upper, middle class Vancouver family, Karinnia spent most of her early life more or less without a sense of direction. While bright, she had a habit of getting herself into trouble rather than focusing on her studies. This showed as she has attempted and dropped out of a degree in mechanical engineering and medicine. Instead she spent her time partying and generally enjoying herself. Hoping to find some direction and discipline after a her second failure of a degree, she enlisted in the Canadian Force to try and get some discipline. This ended with her being discharged with honours after shuttle accident that left her blinded. Out of work and her medical bills piling up, she’s taken the risk of looking for work in the colonies.
last updated: 2018-01-06 20:48:27
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