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Linden grid account dynamodoll Port of origin LA
Family name Schmidt Personal name Gabriele(Kiligris) Middle name(s) Sommer
Affiliated organization SIN cult (Formerly) The Underground (Currently)
Place of birth Southern California, America. Date of birth 1982-10-25
Education and work history High school Graduate, some college. She worked various jobs as hired muscle, security, and at times hits in her earlier days gliding just under the radar of law enforcement while she lied, cheated, and stole.  She went over various fake names over the years and even used her sisters identity more then once. Genetic modifications enhanced reflexes, pain tolerance, minor mutation (slightly pointed ears) Synthetic modifications Eyes enhanced (faster tracking to keep up with reflexes) Infared , spinal columb enhancement and a few implants to enhance physical traits(Speed, reflexes, and strength to a lesser degree), light subdermal plating. She also has a system placed in to halt bleeding and dull pain as needed. Reason for immigrating Looking for some place to start fresh, running from her problems. Biography Kiligris Or Gabriele as is her birth name had always been a rather detached girl, always having this odd calm to her even as she got up to mischief. Her family immigrated to the states from Germany and had Gabriele and her sister Emelia. Gabi's brother helped his folks out during the rough start the family had in early years while raising 2 girls, in school Gabi excelled in any physical activities and sports, though she cared little for the game itself. Her cold and violent behavior didn't entirely surface until well into her teens, she would graduate though with more then a few reprimands of her violent behavior.

Gabriele's Brother was always the productive and studious one, her sister was a bright and tough woman whom went on to join the military (though Gabi would sometimes use her name as a cover and get her into trouble). This wild behavior only increased over time until she alienated her own family and left, going into her life of crime within the shadows, it was there that her talents and knack for violence was discovered by a tech cult bent on shaking things up, stealing advanced tech and " advancing humanity"...it sounded good, little strange but good and that was all it was about, right?

She would get in far to deep, being inducted into the hire rings of the cult and "gifted" with some of the cybernetics this group acquired,  during her time however she would get herself some paramilitary training and more formal and honed martial and marksmen skills as well. Kiligris was the name she earned a long with her "holy " mask as her -new- identity, though she found that this cult went far deeper and darker...praising some Eldritch creature called Maligmaw, a bloody totem to some malformed many faced thing. It turned out the cult was not entirely working towards the advancement of humanity at their own hand to share the power of cybernetic enhancement but also to be in the image of their worshiped entity...each a face of Maligmaw. In being each face of this thing humanity would truly advance or so they said, made into new metal vessels for its greatness.

Kiligris realized almost to late that their induction to the "Service" of whatever it was would make her a slave, bound by cybernetics and blood. She stole what should could from them, disrupted their hide away and cut a bloody path out of their compound and ran as far as she could, going as far as to leave earth all together in hopes of starting fresh. She still wears partial bits of her mask, feeling oddly attached to it a long with her blue amulet.

Under her sisters name she would travel far away and try to begin life anew.
(if accepted)
Kiligris would have a form of Eldritch power that she inherited through her time with the cult, though its taxing on her psyche to use it she would have powers very similar to Telekinesis though she has more domain over none organics while using it. Things that would be in her sphere of influence (roughly 25 feet or less) can be "Grabbed" though if unable can cause minor distortions in the area to make it harder to see and hit her.
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