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Linden grid account mathew.jeffries Port of origin District 18
Family name Jeffries Personal name Mathew
Place of birth District 18, Earth Date of birth 1986-07-13
Education and work history Human high-school & university Genetic modifications Modified DNA to be half black lion, half human in late 2006 Synthetic modifications Visor on right eye Reason for immigrating Seeking distance from the past Biography Born as the lonely child of pure-breed humans,  grew up in the dark streets of District 18.
Parents were eventually killed when it was found out that they were withholding credits from the local mob.
This is when my already desperate world fell apart so I decided to undergo transformation to what I am today, a shadow in the night, a good observer, and a loyal soldier to whomever is willing to contract me.
last updated: 2017-11-14 14:45:35
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