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Linden grid account zander.campbell Port of origin Hyperion Colony, Titan
Family name Campbell Personal name Zander
Place of birth Hyperion Colony, Titan, Sol System Date of birth 1988-10-08
Education and work history Early education a private school
Studied at the Titan Technological Institute for Robotics and AI Engineering
3 Month Internship at Hyperion Advanced Technologies

Genetic modifications Tailored Pheromones (Lavender) Synthetic modifications Datajack w/ Neural Interface Reason for immigrating Seeking employment Biography Zander was born as the youngest child to an affluent family on Hyperion Colony, a corporate owned colony on Saturn's moon Titan. At an early age he showed an impressive aptitude for robotics and computer technologies, a sort of technology prodigy child. As a young man he breezed through his classes and easily earned his place in the colonies most prestigious institute, and finally an internship at the colony's namesake. He is now seeking employment at Eisa Colony, the current forefront of tech, either with NS or one of it competitors.

Zander tends to extremely vain and conceited due to his intellect and upbringing,  preferring bright 'look at me colors' and an attitude befitting a rock-star. While brilliant at his work he's extremely difficult to work with.
last updated: 2015-08-11 02:58:27
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