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Linden grid account madeline.blackbart Port of origin PA, USA
Name 115-73-4454 Model WS Serial number 115-73-4454
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization William's Military Surplus Store
Manufacturer CIA Date of manufacture 2009-07-27
Reason for immigrating Sold for use in security enforcement. Biography This unit was designed from the backed up memories of what the CIA claimed is a willing volunteer.  Having done several tests on creating units from exact human brain replica's the CIA found the cheapest way to create a machine that human-like without the replica brain suffering a psychological break down upon looking at itself in a mirror was to assure the machine had the face of the person the memory backup was made after.
The Wild Striker units came into public availability after the controversial leak of there existence.  Public outcry at the idea of a unit designed to choose human targets to kill based on calculations the unit had made itself forced the government to stop using these units. They were then securely wiped of all government secrets and refitted with NS Scout controllers and sold to the public for security purpose in order to recoup the cost of the expensive the failed Wild Striker units.
Still, there's something not right about the backed up memories of the "volunteer" the unit was created from.
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