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Linden grid account lorien.doran Port of origin Arestroika
Family name Doran Personal name Lorien
Affiliated organization Arestroika Military Medical Corps - Former
Place of birth Kobund, Demilitarized District 11, Arestroika Date of birth 1986-05-12
Education and work history Arestrokia Military Medical Corps 2004-2014
Arestroika Military Medical Cyborg Division 2012-2014
Genetic modifications Standard Immuno-Boosters, Skeletal and Muscular Density Enhancements Synthetic modifications Widespread cybernetic modifications to body and brain, organ replacements, neural enhancements, sub-dermal armor, and back ports for four large "R.A.Ps", Rapid Administration Platforms, robotic arms with five fingers tipped with syringes for chemical delivery. Reason for immigrating Seeking employment and residency. Biography Born in one of the Arestroika DMZs, Lorien found early life grinding, hopeless, and oppressive. Her planet's very brief history since colonization in 1984 had been marked with virtually constant warfare, which had only ended with the unification of the entire planet under a brutal military regime. The only way out of her miserable early existence was joining the military, and after being placed in the military medical program, she rapidly absorbed the knowledge it took to heal. She was so successful as a medic, in fact, that when genetic modification and cybernetics spread to Arestroika, she was selected as part of a new initiative to create cyborg medics, who could survive battlefield conditions and bring lifesaving care to those wounded in the field.

After being put through the program, Lorien's performance met expectations, but Arestroika was unexpectedly invaded by another colony, and after it made rapid territorial gains, she decided that her loyalty to the government who had made her what she was did not outweigh her desire to live. Thus she escaped her world, drifting through various colonies before arriving at Eisa, and deciding it might be in need of her particular brand of medicine.
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