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Linden grid account jaybreedwell Port of origin Earth/USA
Family name Bridwell Personal name Jay
Affiliated organization Private Shipping Courier (political affiliation: VSUO)
Place of birth NYC, USA, Earth Date of birth 1981-06-25
Education and work history BA, New York University - Physics, Engineering - 2002

Bridwell & Sons Shipping - 2003 - Present
- Junior Engineer - 2003 to 2005
- Engineer - 2005 to 2008
- Senior Engineer - 2008 to 2012
(work gap due to injury, 2012 to 2013)
- Junior Courier - 2013 to 2014
- Senior Courier - 2014 to Present

Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications Cybernetic replacements for arms, legs, and eyes (resulting from injuries sustained during shuttle crash) Reason for immigrating Private secure transit courier; relocating to new source of business Biography Jay Bridwell is the youngest son of Edgar and Bridget Bridwell, of Queens, NYC.

The Bridwells have built a small but respected secure and discreet (yet above board) small-goods interstellar shipping company - one step above smugglers, and a smaller operation than most large-scale interstellar shipping operations.

Jay obtained his degree to go into the family business as a propulsion engineer. After rising to Senior Engineer, he was severely injured in a station-to-surface shuttle crash on Mars caused by a collision with errant satellite debris.

Jay survived, but his arms and legs could not be saved; severe skull fractures cost him his eyes as well. He spent a year recovering before returning to work. Unable to tolerate low-level photonic radiation in the engine rooms of the family ships, he instead trained as a pilot.

Jay is looking to relocate to Eisa due to a steady stream of courier jobs from the region.

His experiences as a reluctant cyborg, as well as time spent with medical synths and robots while recovering in a hospital for nearly a year have given Jay an interest in robot rights - not a far stretch from his family's long history of old-style New York union rights fights and IWW socialism.
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