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Linden grid account niterider.kahane Port of origin ATRC Sector Zero
Family name Mamorii Personal name Tamamo
Affiliated organization Advanced Technology Research Center
Place of birth Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture, Japan, Earth Date of birth 1987-08-27
Education and work history Currently works as Lead Research Technician, with a focus on cybernetics and weaponry at the Advanced Technology Research Center, which holds it's own sovereignty and is considered neutral to all other colonies/countries, holds a doctorate in Applied Sciences and Engineering, was chiefly home-schooled in her early years.. Genetic modifications 2010, had neural enhancements to increase her reflexes and speed, fox-like ears to improve her hearing, and a matching tail to assist with her sense of balance.. the ATRC funded these augmentations, but her nervous system did not last beyond early 2016 due to the method used to enhance it.. Synthetic modifications BlackRidge-C "Tamamo Custom", replaces her entire body, has a control system on the body, it acts purely as sub-processor, power management, motion-control and body diagnostics, the fox-like ears and tail are present on this body as well, but in a fully cybernetic form.. Reason for immigrating Seeking new opportunities, possibly even try to get an ATRC Sector established.. Biography Tamamo has had to fight to survive during her mid teens to mid 20's, so she has a extremely temperamental streak in the form of that she will bring a world of pain to anyone that messes with those she considers her friends.. it is very hard to earn her trust, but those that manage to do so will have a friend that will fight to the bitter end.. she was scoped out by the ATRC due to her knack for building electronic devices that were able to confuse and disorient anyone that dared to try and attack her, she worked her way up the ranks pretty quickly..
last updated: 2017-12-01 23:37:44
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