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Linden grid account alden.tone Port of origin Vídbláin
Family name Tucker Personal name Alden Middle name(s) Sixten
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Place of birth Vídbláin, Ljosalfheim, Gliese 667Cc Date of birth 1992-08-08
Education and work history ‣ BS Computer Science & Business
‣ Hollingsworth Leadership Excellence Award Recipient
‣ Previous work as an NS Technician
Genetic modifications Elven physique and intellect Synthetic modifications Veritable elven dandy Reason for immigrating Found work as a Technician on Eisa Biography     I was born to a human couple in a large port city on Gliese 667Cc, an Earth-like exoplanet characterized largely by dusty western-frontier terrestrial biomes and vast oceans. I grew up attending private school and was fascinated with mechanical devices, particularly ones that I could disassemble and reassemble. After graduating from high school, I studied Computer Science at a tier one research institution on Gliese, where I participated in a research program for neural networking and multi-robot systems. Post-graduation I left the academic world to focus on sustainable agricultural practices in largely aquatic environments (I wanted to go farm for a living).

    About two years after I bought a small plot of fertile ocean, our planet was visited by a recruiting endeavor in the form of Nanite Systems (NS), a relatively new company looking to pioneer an entire society chiefly composed of intelligent robots. Still a young impressionable man, I was enchanted by the proposals made, and signed my name to a charter to join the Eisa colony as a technician for NS, with the aspiration of eventually transferring to the research and development (R&D) sector.

Since arriving on Eisa:
    I have existed here in many ways, but I have finally realized my genetic potential as an organic and peer among the colony.
    I am seeking the company of an android colleague that can engage my intellect and assist me as called upon.
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