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Linden grid account jmc42199 Port of origin Earth
Family name Cartier Personal name Jon Middle name(s) Isaac
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Jackson, Michigan, Earth Date of birth 1996-04-21
Education and work history High school diploma

Grew up learning to work with robotics and machinery
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eyes, arms, and legs Reason for immigrating Looking for work outside of Earth and Mars Biography Formerly a mechanic on Earth, Jon suffered serious injuries as a result of a terrorist attack, involving a bomb planted in an android he was working on. Shrapnel took his eyes, arms, and legs, and killed several of his coworkers. His family signed him up for experimental prosthetics to give him a second chance at life, and once they were installed, he never looked back.

Dissatisfied with his life on Earth, he overheard a passerby mention a place called Eisa. Several days worth of research later (mostly due to figuring out the spelling of the name), he had a plan. Gathering what money he had saved up, he boarded a ship to Eisa.
last updated: 2017-12-10 19:03:10
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