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Linden grid account peril.klaxon Port of origin Panpacifica
Family name Klaxon Personal name Peril Middle name(s) Stanislaw
Affiliated organization Red Star Brands
Place of birth Lihue,USA,Earth Date of birth 1990-01-01
Education and work history Certificate of Completion - Robotic Maintenance and Repair,  American Samoa Technical College
Certificate of Completion - Small Business Administration, Marshall Islands Community College

Red Star Convenience - Jan 2006 thru Jan 2008 - Retail Comrade
Red Star Convenience - Jan 2008 thru Jan 2010 - Retail Comrade (Management)
Red Star Tours - Jan 2010 thru current - Marketing and Planning Comrade (Management)
Genetic modifications Standard A10 anti-rejection suite. Standard B12 eugenic suite. Synthetic modifications Eyes - Badenov series 2 Ocular replacements. Left Arm - Uralmash Companion Model 48 with Pactech Cyber bridge to Lembach Spinal Shunt Reason for immigrating To establish a new Red Star location, and to promote soviet nostalgia tourism on this beautiful planet. Biography
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