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Linden grid account kajowwojak Port of origin Earth
Family name Xigalia Personal name Kajowwojak
Place of birth Seattle, United States, Earth Date of birth 1992-07-07
Education and work history Officially:  Kajowwojak Xigalia is a self employed stock broker.  He's made a fortune playing the stock market, but isn't necessarily very philanthropic.  He is antisocial, keeping to himself and never attending any social events whatsoever.  Some wonder if he truly exists sometimes in his personal home all hours of the day, but he makes enough of a presence for himself to not be truly thought to be a myth.

At least, that's what his Visa indicates.  The truth is that Kajowwojak Xigalia is an off-the-grid ganger for a gang known as The Rats. Unlike most gangs in the underbelly of Seattle, The Rats are well known for their professionalism, and are generally considered to be one step below a mercenary group.  But, "The Rat" as the gang leader is known as, is far too ruthless and cunning to merely be running a group of guns-for-hire.

As for education, most of what Kaj knows is a result of what he has learned on the street, or information he has picked up through research for jobs and the like.  So, while he is lacking in history and literature, he more than makes up for it in math and the like.
Genetic modifications Significant amounts of Gene Therapy that has resulted in a largely canid appearance, structurally reinforced epidermis, structurally reinforced keratin in claws Synthetic modifications Cybernetic Eye Replacements, Minor Brain Augmentations(not officially stated), Medical Nanites in bloodstreme (Note: Defective), Direct Neural Interface Reason for immigrating "Business" (Setting up a criminal presence for his gang using drugs and services) Biography Now as for Kajowwojak himself.  Kaj was the child of two homeless individuals, who were in no position to be having a child in the first place.  By the time he was 7, his parents were hopeless drug addicts and Kaj was fending for himself on the streets.  Kaj's first introduction to The Rats were through his parents, as they provided the drugs his parents were addicted to.  Most people would harbor serious hatred for the people who ruined the lives of their parents, but not Kaj.  Mostly because they gave him work.  They gave him a chance not to follow in the footsteps of his parents, wasting away in an abandoned gas station.  If anything, they were better parents to the child than his actual parents were.

At the young age of 12, Kaj officially joined the gang and started his work.  With the reputation of the gang behind him, his age was of little consequence to doing his jobs.  His natural intelligence and stubbornness got kaj quite far.  But a completely flesh body could only get you so far, and with the earnings, thats when he started with his modifications.

With a name like "The Rats" a bestial appearance is to be expected, and part of the membership is genemodding.  Generally one's appearance is their own choosing and Kaj chose that of a wolf.  He was 14 and thought it was cool.  Shut up.

Kaj grew to be a very loyal and trustworthy member of the Rats, specializing in electronics and sniping (Although cybernetic eyes helped greatly with that).  The Rats' reach of power on Earth and Mars was wide and firm, but The Rat has set his eyes on somewhere new:  Eisa Colony.  Kaj had a false identity created, and a ticket paid for, and was shipped off as a businessman, to strike a stake into the underbelly of Eisa, and spread the Influence of The Rats to another civilization.
last updated: 2017-12-13 18:58:20
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