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Linden grid account rylee.fehr
Family name Fehr Personal name Rylee
Place of birth USA, Earth Date of birth 2010-11-16
Education and work history Education; Post war and cryo-freeze:
Pennsylvania University, Bio Engineering
Global Dynamics, DOD
General Dynamics, DOD


Research Scientist, Star Born Station
Project X, Military Substation 421
Area 52, Testing and Development
Genetic modifications Human virus and biological infection resistance gene Synthetic modifications Arms, Hands, Legs, Crainal Neuro Nano Chips (CNNC) to stimilate synapse of synthentic limbs and to boost memory functions Reason for immigrating Position as Researcher, Technician at the Tai Yong Labs Biography Upgrade Unit c-5f5a
DR Rylee Fehr, PHd (civilian)
Communications Net:  4.22.231

Research scientist exploring Bio Engineering and Bio Robotics.  I do conversion, repair, implants and enhancement to human, cyborg and robotic units.  Services also include synthetic intelligence and sensory implants and re-education and/or programing of units.
last updated: 2017-12-17 20:57:31
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