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Linden grid account wrath.mordkamm Port of origin Aeternus Orbital Space Port
Family name Mordkamm Personal name Anna Middle name(s) Wrath
Affiliated organization NanoSec
Place of birth Berlin, Germany, Earth Date of birth 1986-06-01
Education and work history College degree (2001)
6 months with the military (2001-2002)
Graduated from the police academy (2002-2004)
Big-city police officer for two years with no incidents of notice (2004-2006)
PPV Private Security (2006-2009)
PPV Galactic (2009-2015)
NanoSec Eisa (2015-)
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Mechanical arm replacements. Discreet retina implants. Reason for immigrating Job position as chief of NanoSec Eisa. Biography The average girl, raised in suburban Berlin with two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister.
During her time with the military armored division, both her arms were burned severely after a fire involving a prototype of a new type of combustion engine, and were immediately amputated, replaced by powered prosthetics.
The replacement limbs proved no hindrance to her career though, and Anna made it through the police academy with no issues to speak of.  Following her time with the police, she joined a private security corporation, as police work proved unchallenging, and her taste for adventure led her to seek a career that could lead her off world. The security corp in question, PPV Private Security, a subdivision of PPV Galactic, offered a once-in-a-life-time job opportunity, in part because of personal contacts between Anna and a higher-up in the police department, that she could not refuse. Soon after, following an upgrade of her prosthetic limbs, involving a retinal implant, she was moved off world. After proving promising in her new line of work, the mother corporation soon chose the transfer Anna to their mercenary division, Galactic. Her time with PPV lasted seven years before the entire corporation was bought up by Nanite Systems, and all active operations taken over. Anna chose to stay with the newly annexed department, and was soon offered a change in pace and a more administrative position, as chief of security at NanoSec Eisa...
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