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Linden grid account darkchangeling.resident Port of origin Shinjuku, Japan
Family name Ishida Personal name Ikumi Middle name(s) Dawn
Affiliated organization Blue Eclipse Enterprises
Place of birth Shinjuku, Japan, Earth Date of birth 1996-12-21
Education and work history Went to school at Kaisei Academy in Tokyo before entering University of Tokyo for computer programming and engineering. Synthetic modifications Data Jack, subdermal AR trodes Reason for immigrating Life threatened by rival company. Biography Ishida "Dawn" Ikumi was born into a rich family and was a rather keen, if docile child. It wouldn't be until she experienced her first kidnapping that she ever  felt any wrongdoing in the world. When she was thirteen, she was kidnapped as part of a corporate coup, alongside her British mother. She vowed that she would never be the victim again, and began to apply herself more. Besides joining the kendo club at school, she began to dive deeper into her father's expertise in computers, and began to learn how to hack computers and robotics. She learned how to make explosions, and would sometimes carry out her own missions of espionage.

She became the kind of girl it would be a very bad idea to mess with.

During her time at university, she was targeted with death threats because of her father's company once more. This time she was sent away, alongside her companion robot, jud1, who she upheld was a friend of her's from childhood, when she spent half the year with her mother in the UK.
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