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Linden grid account kyomi.kohime Port of origin Ireland (Earth)
Family name Vanmoer Personal name Katherine
Affiliated organization none
Place of birth Toremore, Ireland, Earth Date of birth 1983-09-28
Education and work history High School Graduate
Bartender at Sailor's 15 years
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Change of scenery and life Biography Katherine was born on the very small Island of Clare off the Northeast Coast of Ireland.  She lived on that same island her whole life, never being allowed to go farther than the ferry could take her.  When she was old enough, Katherine took the ferry to a small town across the bay and got herself in a heap of trouble.  Having been so secluded, she was socially awkward and unable to communicate like everyone else.  She decided to learn how to tend bar at the small, but popular Sailor's Bar on Clare Island.  Working there for 15 years, she got a bit bolder, a bit more sure of herself, and definitely became true to her redheaded self.  Her mother died and that was the moment she decided to get off Earth and travel away.  Having saved up every tip and spare coin she could for 15 years, she finally made her way to Eisa.  Now, she is the newcomer, but hopes to soon change that status.
last updated: 2018-01-03 03:42:07
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