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Linden grid account zardorak Port of origin Utopia Planitia - Mars
Family name Zardorak Personal name Zaron
Affiliated organization Javik Station
Place of birth Berlin, Germany, Earth Date of birth 1976-05-21
Education and work history University of Berlin

Bio-engineering technician
Scavenger in the Utopia Planetia outwards tunnels
Explorer and Ore inspector

Barkeeper and Host at Javik Station
Synthetic modifications Eyes, teeth, interface and chest implants Reason for immigrating Seeking employment and new fields of operations Biography Born and grown up on earth he soon moved to mars in search of fame and glory.
He became a Bio-engineer for a smaller company. Specializing on interface systems and medical implants.

Due to an accident at the facility he was working on he was severly injured and had to receive medical implantations to survive. Eyes and parts of his organs had to be replaced. To support those implants with energy a micro reactor was implanted into his chest.
Afterwards he was fired to cover up for security failures at the facility.
He soon spiraled downwards afterwards and explored the darker areas of Utopia Planetia. Scavenging and prospecting he soon found himself in contact with various areas of  society. He began to pay for minor implants to help him interface with smaller systems and so being able to fulfill his customers needs better. The connection is protected by an external drive system he carries on his back to reroute the path of interface over numerous other systems.

When he tapped into the wrong sources and found intel about the wrong persons he had to leave the planet quickly. He vented all his savings for a trip away and ended up on Javik Station. Soon making himself a name by welcoming guests and keeping an eye on all the smaller things of the station. He tries to lay low and keep a low profile until the dust settles.
During his time he received a genetical adaptation treatment with unknown sideeffects. His body has undergone changes in nails, hair and nervesystem. if the changes will be permanent is under investigation.
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