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Linden grid account ryd.faulkner Port of origin Space freighters
Family name Faulkner Personal name Ryd
Affiliated organization Independent Robotics Systems Engineer
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA Earth Date of birth 1987 04 27
Education and work history Ryd learned his trade hands-on working for a scrapper on earth dismantling and repairing all sorts of robotic bodies. He eventually took a job on a long-haul cargo ship and this kicked off a long career working in space. He's augmented his knowledge with simulations and virtual practice. Though he was able to move up to better ships, including military ships, he wants to work for himself and open a store where he can work on high-tech systems. Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Seeking the opportunity to open an independent cyborg and robot repair and upgrade facility. Biography Ryd has been working on long-haul transports as a robotics engineer repairing industrial robots and providing repairs and upgrades to cyborg crew members. He took gigs on numerous fleets in the hopes of seeing the far-flung outposts, but now he wants to grow.

He has come to Eisa Colony to open a shop providing upgrades and repairs for high-end robots and cyborgs. If he can eventually land a job with Nanite systems, that would be the best option, but until then, he will make do.
last updated: 2018-04-15 12:30:06
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