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Linden grid account vaerdas Port of origin Elysium
Family name Kingsley Personal name Jacques
Affiliated organization Elysium University
Place of birth Moscow, Russia, Earth Date of birth 1983-06-21
Education and work history Professor of Biological Sciences, Mars University, 2007 -
- Lecturer and Associate Director of Sciences at Mars University.

MSc, Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular), Mars University, 2003-2005
BSc, Biological Sciences (Honours), University of Oxford, 1999-2003
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Leisure Biography Jacques Kingsley is a professor with middling success in the academic world, who largely appears to live a bland and normal life. He delivers Undergraduate and Postgraduate lectures four days a week at the University of Mars Elysium campus, carries himself with a fairly mild manner, and doesn't cause trouble with staff. He acts as an associate director for the Faculty of Sciences at Mars University, and regularly attends boring board meetings about budgeting and program direction.

Like his brother Verne, Jacques is gifted, but friendlier and without any known history of violence. He's quiet about his personal life and infrequently attends formal events - and when he does, he often ducks out early. Staff and students like him, but don't love him. By all accounts, Jacques Kingsley won't be remembered with any great passion or tribute, but that's just the way he likes it.

Far from his humble appearances on Mars, Jacques owns a number of far more lavish apartments across the colonies as well as in Earth's greater nations, complete with small security detail and transportation which far exceeds the wage of a professor. These circumstances receive curiously little attention from anyone and what suspicions authorities do raise are quickly quieted from above.

No criminal record.
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