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Linden grid account winter.jorda Port of origin LAX
Family name Drejan Personal name Er'the
Place of birth Anchorage AK, United states, Earth. Date of birth 1985-09-12
Education and work history Education
-Graduate of Anchorage High School, 03
-Bachelors received from University of Alaska, Anchorage campus in Political Science, 07.
-Firearm safety and maintenance.
-Krav Maga instruction of 12 months, testing into black belt level.

Work History unavailable.

Genetic modifications Sylvan survival modifications, Elven appearance, skin coloration, ocular modification for low light condition. Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Work, money, excitement, new experience, relief of boredom. Biography Erthe was born to a military family in Alaska. She was the single child of Tiago and Maya Drejan. Tiago was an Air Force Ranger stationed out of Anchorage, and her mother Maya was a social activist attempting to dive into politics. She took after her father for the most part, growing up a Tomboy exploring the Alaskan wilderness around the city during the summer, her father teaching her many of the tricks needed to survive in harsher conditions. After graduating from college she quickly found herself trying to live up to her father's image, and volunteered to join the Slyvan expedition and colonization. She did not stay for long though, with the colony's harsh environment and already established order, she moved on to the new colony of Eisa,  eager for the prospect of making a name for herself, left to join this new effort and to hopefully have a bigger impact.

Her personality is one of passion, and excitement, looking for the next thrill to relieve her of the tedium of everyday life. This leads her to changing quite often, and throwing herself head first into it. She knows that eventually it will probably lead her to some trouble, but hopefully there will be a story from it.

She has high confidence in her abilities, and her ability to adapt to social situations. She does tend to have a temper when mocked or doubted, and has to check herself from lashing out.
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