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Linden grid account maximillian.loon Port of origin Earth
Family name Arkala Personal name Max
Place of birth Bern, Switzerland, Earth Date of birth 1978-11-15
Education and work history Engineer graduated in Bern, Switzerland.
Specialization is on synthetic neural networks, telecommunications, digital systems and Electronic.
Worked for 4 years in Geneva (CH)
Worked for 5 years at MIT - Boston (US) on developing advanced synthetic neural networks.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications iKON Photodetectors, skeleton and muscles partially improved by nanites, NS115 SCOUT Reason for immigrating Studying artificial life forms Biography Max was born in 1978 in Bern, Switzerland. He spent his early years near Zurich with his parents. At the age of 13 he moved back in Bern to start his studies in a private school, paid by his parents engineers.
At 28 while he was going to home before summer vacations, he had a severe car incident and he lost the sight. His parents paid for new eyes and to fix all the damages on his body in late .
After that Max moved his studies on artificial neural networks, started to become more interested about androids.
At the age of 30 moved in Geneva to work for one private company in IA field, after 4 years he moved in US to answer at one job invitation at MIT where he improved his knowledge on artificial life forms. At 39 decided to move on EISA to study artificial life forms in first person... using not so legal ways.
During his period on eisa he started to have issues with his organic parts, heard about a station where one man was skilled to build units, decided so to change all his organic parts with an unit body, leaving only the brain organic. From that moment he started to change personality being less shy and much more... Now he lives on the station for most of the time, helping Andrei Javik with his job.
last updated: 2018-02-26 23:01:05
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