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Linden grid account neige.ceres Port of origin Earth
Family name Archeron Personal name Hikari
Place of birth Velaris, Gliese Date of birth 1982-11-12
Education and work history Psychologist specialized on synthetic neural networks and its application on carbon based lifeforms. Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications iKON Photodetectors, GRIDWEAR // IX.001 "Helnyk" Imprint Enhancement made with patented nanites injected subcutaneously in specific patterns in order to increase upper body strength, accuracy, and coordination. Reason for immigrating To continue her studies. Biography Hikari (Kari for short) was born in 1982.
When she was 15, her family moved to the Earth due to her mother´s business.
Her studies in Psychology started when she was in her 20's.
While her interest for the artificial neural networks and its applications came later on when she met Max Arkala, a very intelligent man from Earth, during her working time at MIT. He impulse her to learn more about the subject and also to relate it with her career. After a couple of years she moved along with Max to EISA to continue her studies.

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