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Linden grid account fxartyst
Family name Davis Personal name Jordan Middle name(s) Alexis
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Houston, Texas, US, Earth Date of birth
Education and work history Studied robotics and cybernetics at Stanford University on Earth for 4 years.
Worked for a short time on contract for the FBI as an compensated informant.
Currently unemployed seeking employment.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Informed of possible job opportunities working with cutting edge technology Biography Jordan was born in Houston, Texas of Irish decent.  She grew up with a normal and unremarkable childhood, participating in several school plays.  Her grades were nearly perfect allowing her a full scholarship to Stanford University, where she studied Robotics and Applied Cybernetics.  Shortly before graduation her parents died in a shuttle crash, putting a damper on her success.  With a small inheritance, she decided she wanted to leave Earth to get away from her loss.  She had heard that Eisa might have a place for her in her field of interest, so she traveled there to seek her fortune.
last updated: 2018-01-29 18:14:18
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